Terms of Becoming a Vendor

44MARKET is open to all kind of store, who wants to go online and get more profit.

It is easy to register and open your online store and go public worldwide.

All vendors must read Terms & Conditions and it means; all vendors accepted  Terms & Conditions and rules to becoming a online seller on 44MARKET.com. 44MARKET is not accept any kind of illegal trade and service. Including pornography, gambling, human trade and politic materials.


44MARKET is open to all kind of legal product sellers. There is no any fee for opening online store on 44MARKET.com.

Here are the options:

1- 44MARKET receive payments from buyers and take 9%. Transfer money to sellers account after 2 months.

2- 44MARKET does not accept payment from buyers, 44MARKET will add Store (Seller)’s own bank account and store will get payment. This option if choosen store (Seller) will pay to 44MARKET only 5%. The commissions will calculate every month (every 1st business day of month) and will transfer to 44MARKET shown bank account.

If you interested in to become a vendor and open online store please go to this link and fill form as a SELLER.

If you have any qeustion please contact us:

[email protected]

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